British Election 2024 Completely results List

British Election 2024 Completely Results List. The 2024 United Kingdom general election was held on Thursday, 4 July 2024. The governing Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, was defeated in a landslide by the opposition Labour Party led by Sir Keir Starmer. Labour achieved a 172-seat majority and a total of 411 seats

British Election 2024 Completely

British Election 2024 Completely results List

The election was the first victory for the Labour Party in a general election in 19 years, its previous one achieving a majority of 66 seats in the 2005 general election under the leadership of Tony Blair. Labour’s victory ended the Conservative Party’s 14-year tenure as Britain’s governing party. Labour’s 411 seats was exceeded only by Blair’s 418-seat victory in the 1997 general election. Labour became the largest party in Scotland for the first time since 2010, and became the dominant party in Wales, Inner London, Northern England, and much of the Midlands.[3] On the other hand, the Conservative Party experienced its worst defeat in history; reduced to just 121 seats. The party lost 244 seats, including a record 12 cabinet ministers and 5 seats previously held by Conservative Prime Ministers [b] . It also lost all of its seats in Wales and Cornwall, and most of their seats in London, Northern England, and South West England.[4] Liz Truss became the first former Prime Minister to contest and lose their seat in over a century since Arthur Balfour in the 1906 general election.

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