Hamster kombat claim coins Step by step process

Hamster Kombat claim coins Step by step process. Hamster Kombat, a popular tap-to-earn Telegram game with over 100 million players, is gearing up for its token launch in July. To celebrate this milestone, the game has announced an exciting airdrop campaign. The first task, which went live on June 8, involves linking your TON wallet to the game. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you’re ready to participate in the airdrop and maximize your in-game earnings

Hamster combat claim coins Step-by-step process

Hamster kombat claim coins Step by step process

If you’re playing Hamster Kombat on Telegram, then you’re surely trying to rack up as many in-game coins as possible ahead of the token launch on The Open Network (TON) and accompanying airdrop. The daily combo is a solid option, but now there’s another way to bank a million free tokens every single day.

The Hamster Kombat team has announced that the token launch on The Open Network (TON) is targeted for July. This highly anticipated event will reward the community with Hamster token airdrops, celebrating the game’s listing on the market. The airdrop is designed to increase the adoption and use of Toncoin, driving substantial growth in user engagement and transaction volume within the TON ecosystem.



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