How to Register Insaf Imdad Package Online

How to Register Insaf Imdad Package Online. The prime minister chaired a meeting in his office here on Monday that approved the prime minister’s Insaf Imdad package worth Rs10 billion. On this occasion, the CM ordered the launch of the package for the distribution of financial aid among needy families soon through an infallible mechanism.

How to Register Insaf Imdad Package

How to Register Insaf Imdad package for the virus affectees

Giving detail of the package, he said that applications would be received online and after the verification of the antecedents, the money would be transferred online while complaints would also be launched online.

He directed that the application form be made simple and only necessary information like names, CNICs and mobile phone numbers of the applicants be collected.

How to Register

The Punjab government, he said, had taken unprecedented steps to cope with coronavirus and the impecunious families would not be left alone.


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