Watch MRTV 4 Tv Channel Live in Myanmar


Watch MRTV 4 Tv Channel Live in Myanmar MRTV-4 is a 24-hour open-air TV slot that communicates stimulation programs. In May 2004, another station called MRTV-4 was communicated to the general population for a two-hour program plan in collaboration with Myanmar Radio and Television under the Ministry of Data.

Watch MRTV 4 Tv Channel

Watch MRTV 4 Tv Channel Live in Myanmar

In 2005, it communicated a six-hour-day program plan with a circular framework presented. In April 2009, the MRTV-4 channel was communicating 18 hours per day. Since September 2010, MRTV-4 has become a 24-hour airtime television channel and, as of now, is Myanmar’s best-known television direct.


The Voice Myanmar Season-3

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Watch MRTV 4 Tv

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